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Implementing Exchange Formation Activity to Improve Students’ Speaking Ability


The goal of English English teaching especially especially speaking skill
in the classroom is to stimulatestudents to express their ideas in the target
language.  Since  the  most  important  thing  in  speaking  skill  is  how  to
make  the  listener  understands  the  speaker‟s  message,  Exchange
Formation Activity  can  be  used  to  improve  students‟  speaking  ability.
This  is  because  this  method  can  be  applied  for  teaching
speakingeffectivelyin  several ways.  In  teaching  speaking,  lecturers who
teach  English  should  make  sure  that  the  instructionsof  the  speaking
material  are  related  to  the  students‟  real  life  environment.  Thus,  the
students can connect  their speaking practice  toexperiences  in  their daily
activities.Thisstudy  focused  on  the  leacturer‟s  teaching  process(English
class management  and  teaching method)  and  employed  CAR  research
design.Thedata  for  this  study  are  acquired  from  evaluation  and
observation. There were several evaluations  included; they werepre-test,
treatment on cycle I and II, and post-test. The aim of the activities was to
know  whether  the  students  improved  their  learning  or  their  learning
became less effective afer treatment. The results showed thatthe average
score for students‟ pre-test was 66.5. The result of the first treatment was
62,  the  second  treatment  was  85,  and  the  post  test  was  88.  The
students‟post  test‟smean  score was  88.  In  conclusionafter  being  treated
using  Exchange  Formation  Activity,thestudents‟  speaking
abilitywassuccessfully  improved  which  was  shown  by  the  final  mean
score 88 in the post test.
Keywords : Exchange Formation Activity, Speaking Ability, Improve

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